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    We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of dental care in safe and comfortable surroundings.
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    You cannot make an apppointment directly with us. All referrals for treatments are made by your dentist.
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We provide an oral surgery service in a friendly, professional and caring environment.

Our goal is to make the journey from referral to treatment to post-operative recovery as stress-free as possible, with the highest standards of clinical care.

Our highly skilled team is dedicated to patient care, continuing education and clinical excellence. We are proud of the high quality service we provide and of our commitment to the National Health Service.

Treatments we provide include:

The surgical removal of teeth

There can be several reasons for having to remove a tooth surgically.

Intravenous sedation

ntravenous sedation is used to help you relax during minor surgical procedures.

Removal of wisdom teeth

Information for patients who may need to have an operation to remove their impacted wisdom teeth.

Uncovering canine teeth

Information to help your understanding of the condition where a canine tooth fails to erupt normally, and what treatments are available to help remedy it.

  • Post-op instructions

    We have created a page that is full of useful information and helpful advice on how best to take care of yourself after receiving treatment.